Croquet and New Moon

A while ago, at my request, we got a croquet set. I thought it looked like fun, and wanted to try. So we got the set. We brought it out once right after we got it, and I enjoyed playing the game. So tonight, I begged my mom to come out in our backyard and play with me. So she did. After we had played two rounds, we went back in. (We each won a round, just to make it clear that I didn’t get beat badly.) I love doing things like that with my family. It’s fun just to spend some time together, even if we don’t talk about anything serious or try to solve the problems of the world. (which is naturally what you do whenever you get Starbucks, right?) I mean, sometimes my parents can be really embarrassing, but they’re parents, and that’s just what they do, right? They still can be fun to hang out with.

Another highlight of the day. Kaleb Nation (aka. Twilight Guy) has started New Moon. I’m really excited to see what he thinks of it, because I loved New Moon so much. (Although, Twilight is still my favorite from the series – so far.) And speaking of the Twilight saga, Stephenie (the author) has started giving us the Breaking Dawn quotes of the day. Every day from now until the book comes out, she gives us a new quote. Of course, some of them drive us (well, some of us fans..not all..) insane as we try to figure out what she means by that. I’m pretty sure that’s the purpose. =)



One Response to “Croquet and New Moon”

  1. It drives you crazy…… and it’s very funny to watch you think of all of the possible things she means by it!

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