Four Months

Four Months

 Four months ago,
life changed,
and now I’m here.
Denial behind the smile
I still want you
with us.
Scatter thoughts,
nothings the same.
I feel changed.
Time will pass,
but I still think of you.
I think I can make it,
I just can’t let go.
It’s been four months,
and I still see your face.
Four months;
life changed.


3 Responses to “Four Months”

  1. lovely lovely. i’m not sure what you can’t let go – Kelly, your sorrow, the nightmare of this last year – all worthy of hanging on to in order to process it all, learn from it all, hang on to the good and cherish it, bury the horrific as well as you can after coming to peace with it.
    love you honey. you are my sweetie

  2. Rose,

    Absolutely beautiful.

    I think you have described perfectly what I so often feel.

    I stand by your side to support you during this part of the journey.


  3. You writing is so awesome… I feel like you can actually see right into your heart. It’s wonderful… I am so glad that you are able to express your feelings so openly on your blog. It is healing… I think of you often, and read your blog a lot! Keep it up…

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