1:20 AM

As another day ends,
I find myself
wondering again.

Will this feeling
ever end?

Will I not have
these haunting thoughts?

Will things go
back to how it was?

A single tear,
and your face appears.

Because I can’t
get that picture
out of my mind.

You’ve been there
all this time.

You’ve been
stuck in my mind.

You’ve been in
every conversation.

A single tear,
and your face appears.

A sister and a friend,
but your life here
had to end.

I have to wonder,
will I heal?

I have to wonder,
how can it be real?

I have to wonder;
I have to wonder.

A single tear,
and your face appears.


2 Responses to “1:20 AM”

  1. run4kelly Says:


    You capture so many feelings so beautifully with your writing. I wonder too, if I will heal. There are times I miss Kelly so much. It still doesn’t seem real. I keep waiting to see her name pop up in the special folder I had for her.

    I think I have finally passed the point where I will cry again and suddenly I find myself crying again.

    Thanks for sharing your feelings through the gift of your writing.

    Sending you a big virtual hug in cyber space.

    Love you,


  2. oh so lovely. yes you will heal but embrace the scars left by this experience. God had such a grand purpose for Kelly’s life including her suffering, pain and awful death. May those scars impact your life just as our Lord meant them to. I have to think that your compassion, gentleness and love for people regardless of their status in this world has been formed by much of what you’ve seen and experienced, evn what you don’t remember.
    i tried to find the scripture about God keeping each one of our tears in a bottle – and then stored in heaven. each tear is so precious to Him. and Kelly is worth every single tear.
    love you honey and i am so thankful God gave you this gift of writing……may He be glorified through your writings.

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