Breaking almost here.

Yep. August second, I will be driving myself crazy because I will not have that book. I had pre-ordered my copy back in February (that’s right. FEBRUARY.) but this week, I realized, hey, I won’t get this book until maybe the eleventh or so. I can’t wait that long. And since we’ll be going school clothes shopping (gah. summer is going to end soon-ish) on the seventh, my lovely mom made a call to the barnes and noble in Great Falls and reserved a copy for me. So, no, I won’t have it August second, but I will have it soon after that. My mom claims that while I’m sleeping she’ll read it. I told her the one flaw in that plan. I have my doubts that once I get my hands on Breaking Dawn that I won’t be sleeping or doing much else besides reading it.

A few weeks ago, Stephenie started putting up a quote a day from Breaking Dawn. This was to supposedly ‘satisfy’ us. Yeah right. It just made us all crazy as we tried to figure it out. But, at least we got something. =) If you’re interested in reading the quotes, you can check them all out here. 



One Response to “Breaking almost here.”

  1. Mandi too is counting down the days…er…day to it’s release. She’s organized a carpool with a few friends to be able to pick it up at 1201. I would say that’s silly, but as I, like your mother, really enjoyed the previous books, I figure the sooner she gets it the sooner I can read it too. 😛

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