Another Twilight-ish post

Okay, okay. This one will be short, I swear! (I find I ramble a lot when I start talking about the Twilight saga..hehe.) So, today, I was just looking at my blog stats, and starting August 1st, the number of people that come to my blog has gone up. On July 31st, 11 people came to my blog. August 1st, I had 24. July 31st, was the first time that I really dedicated a post to Breaking Dawn. Anyway, I thought that was kind of funny-ish. But, then again, my mind works in strange ways at this time of night. (It’s about 11:30 where I am…)

Anywho, I would really like to know who comes to my blog everyday…so, if you wouldn’t mind, leave me a comment! I’m curious!



2 Responses to “Another Twilight-ish post”

  1. Hi Rose,

    I try and keep up with your blog a couple of times a week and see if you have posted anything. I am interested in what you are doing and writing.

    Laura just finished Breaking Dawn yesterday and Sue is now finally happily reading away. Laura wasn’t reading fast enough to suit her. She tried a couple of times to sneak the book away from Laura.


  2. Both Mandi and I check in frequently. I love the cloud photos you posted.

    I finally finished Breaking Dawn the day before yesterday. I loved it. Mandi thought it was too predictable, I was just thankful for the happy ending. I would realy stink if fantasy mimiced reality and I was glad that Breaking Dawn didn’t.

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