Harry Potter

I have been a fan of Harry Potter for a really long time, and I love the movies, despite the difference between them and the books. I mean, obviously they would have to cut stuff out because the books are long so I’m pretty much okay with that. Can I just say that this trailer is awesome? It does make this movie look ‘darker’ than the others, but, I mean, the story line is getting pretty intense. I just can’t believe that they moved the release date! It was supposed to come out November 21 of this year, which I was happy about, because I wouldn’t have to wait that long. But now, they moved the release to the summer of 2009. This will make quite a gap between the release of the fifth movie and the release of the sixth. But, obviously, they think it will be fine. At least it won’t be so long between the sixth and the first part of the seventh movie though.



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  1. I’ve heard that since Harry Potter was pushed back to summer, that Twilight will now be released early…Nov 11..too cool! Check it out on Stephenie’s page.

    Love Karla

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