Mamma Mia!!!

(If you’re planning on going to the movie, don’t read this post..there will be spoilers!)

So, me and Molly really wanted to go see Mamma Mia. It’s playing in the town a half hour away from us, so our parents decided we could go. We all drove down there last night and my parents dropped us off at the theatre and they went to go eat with some friends. Me and Molly were really excited to see the movie, and I’m glad we did see it. It was really good.

Usually, the whole random-song-dance-that-everyone-knows-thing bugs me. In this movie it didn’t. Not at all. The songs were good and funny, and the dances were too. It was entertaining, and I think they put music in the right places.

The plot was also good. If you don’t already know, the plot was that the girl, Sophie, is getting married, and she wants her father to give her away. The problem is that she doesn’t know who her father is. She knows there are three possible guys, and so she invites them all, thinking she’ll know her father when she sees him. But when she sees them, she still doesn’t know. The whole movie is about her trying to find her real dad, and as it goes on, she finds that journey just getting more and more complicated, because the three guys all think that they are her dad. The guys can’t figure it out either. So, Sophie asks her mother to give her away at the wedding instead, so the wedding comes, and you think you’ll finally get to find out who the dad is. Nope. She (Sophie) decides she doesn’t care who her dad is. At this point, I was a little disappointed. After all, that was kind of what the movie was about, right? Anyway, and then Sophie declares she doesn’t want to get married! She wants to travel the world with her fiancee/boyfriend (it’s not really clear what he is at that point) But, you still get a wedding. Sophie’s mother marries one of the possible dad’s, who is played by Pierce Brosnan. So, there is a happy ending. It was a good storyline, and it was a great cast. Amanda Seyfried (Sophie) and Meryl Streep (her mother in the movie) really did look like they could be mother/daughter, which was good. Me and Molly were both happy about that. Anyway, it was a great movie, and very fun to see.


3 Responses to “Mamma Mia!!!”

  1. it gives dad and i such pleasure to do these seemingly small things for you girls that make you happy. life is so short……it’s good to do what we can to make life lighter and fun! and you girls do know how to have good fun!!! (except at UNO, you are downright mean – and good at it – quit winning wouldja?)
    love ya hon

  2. Ross, laura and Adam had already gone to see this movie, I don’t remember where I was that I couldn’t go with them, but Ross took me just last week. As you know, we LOVE musicals, so I was really looking forward to seeing a former James Bond… well, sing! I thought he did a good job singing, but I was most impressed with his and Meryl Streep’s performance right before the wedding. It was such a bitter sweet moment, and I thought the acting they did while singing the song was really impressive. I also really liked the song about time running through her hands like sand that she sang when she was helping her daughter get ready for her marriage. Ross couldn’t believe that I cried during that part! I also thought that the scenery was really beautiful!

    love ya!

  3. I had to post on this movie too. Sorry I hadn’t seen that you had alread posted regarding the change of release date of Twilight. I’m pretty pumped for both movies to be released…Mandi too.

    I’m lgad to year that you girls enjoyed Mamma mia too. 🙂

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