Fred is back!!!!

So, Fred, who happens to be one of my favorite youtube stars, has started making videos again!! =)
On another note, school starts in less than a week. I got my schedule today, Molly got hers yesterday. It was weird to be walking in those halls again. So, I’m hoping that the first day will be okay. Anyone know a really good way to survive french class? (I’m not good with other languages…)


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  1. Sue Kinney Says:

    I took French 4 years in high school and one in college. I can’t really help you though, I think I have forgotten EVERYTHING! I did have a French Pen Pal, which was lots of fun, but she always wrote in English. She thought that Colorado was such a cool place to live… SHE lived in Paris! guess it’s all about perspective isn’t it LOL!

    Bon Chance!


  2. well – surviving French class eh? i had so much fun in French but it was because i goofed off so much…… friend Mona and I laughed so much when we were practicing our nasal sounds – that was so funny…..
    i know you’ll survive this hon, you are so strong and beautiful – inside and out!

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