So, I survived the first day.

It began with me being late-ish. We had orientation first thing, and when I got to the school, they had already gone in. I went to my orientation class, to find out that I was the second-to-last person to arrive. And, I had to be shown the right room by the principal. This didn’t help me much. I mean, I was not excited about school. I don’t really like it. (except english class…I don’t mind that too much.) Luckily, me and my best friend have every single class together except for one. That one just happens to be French. -sigh-

French class is already going bad. I have no idea what she’s saying! She talks really fast in French. Everyone else in the class has had at least one year of French. Not me. Thankfully, I sit right next to one of my friends, and she happens to be one of the best in the class. She was pretty much my translator today.

Things have been going pretty good. I’m just really tired already. I forgot how much energy it takes to sit in a desk and actually try to listen…=)

On a different note, I’ve really wanted to listen to some good techno bands, but I don’t know any. I’ve heard a few little bits of songs, but I don’t really know who their by. So, if anyone can recommend a really good techno band, please do.



3 Responses to “School”

  1. Oh, summer! Why doth thy hate me so??
    I’m ready for summer to come again!

  2. I happen to be married to a techno-lover, and thus, became one myself. Here are some dj’s you might like (there are not really “bands” – usually w/techno it’s a dj mixing a current song or featuring an artist) – I gravitate toward more ambient techno…something with a good beat and gorgeous melody line.

    Renegade – ATB feat. Heather Nova (good YouTube video – the guy looks exactly like our pastor!)
    Ecstasy – ATB
    Cut – Plumb (Bronleewe and Bose mix)
    Castles in the Sky – Ian Van Dahl
    Let it Rain – 4 Strings
    Summer Sutra – CyberSutra feat. Tiff Lacey (listen on youtube: )

    I’ll Fly With You – Gigi D’Agostino (Travis’ all-time fav)
    Every Time We Touch – Cascada
    Innocente – Delerium feat. Leigh Nash
    Tracking Treasure Down – Gabriel & Dresden

    On You Tube, just go to Listen to Trance’s page ( and I think you’ll find a lot of great stuff. Only problem with techno, a lot of it is hard to find and even harder to actually buy. itunes has a pretty good selection, but it’s still tough sometimes.

  3. Ann Marie Says:

    Rose! Glad you’re back at school; you’ll have a great year, and don’t worry about French. Two other things: I love the Duffy CD too, and ….what was the other one….oh, yeah–I saw “Mamma Mia” with my sister and niece in Oregon and thought it was lots of fun. Big Colin Firth fan, of course. 🙂 Enjoy your holiday weekend!

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