Labor Day Weekend

I was very happy to have a long weekend. I was planning on sleeping for most of it. =) That didn’t happen. I woke up at 7:30 every morning this weekend. I was not happy about that. But, at least I’m starting to get a routine now.

Yesterday we decided we would go to Great Falls and go to  movie and then get dinner. Me and Molly were really excited that the theatre there had The House Bunny. After watching twenty minutes of previews (in my opinion, that’s way too many previews..) the movie finally started. After seeing a ton of previews for The House Bunny, I thought it would be hilarious. Yeah. We were disappointed. It wasn’t actually that good. It was actually mostly stupid. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Molly finally got her Justin Nozuka CD yesterday though. I’m still listening to it right now, so I’ll rate it later. So far it’s pretty good, but I’ve only listened to three Yeah.



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