The Office, Seattle, and Charlie

I’ve been debating for a few days what I should post about. So, for now, here’s an update.

School has been…well, it’s been school. =) More exciting news is that I’m probably going out to visit Marcy and Travis next month, which I’m very very excited about. One of my favorite youtube bloggers is celebrating his 18th birthday next week, and during his live blog, he’s going to be shaving off all of his hair and donating it for a cancer research center in the UK (where he lives), so that’s really cool. Last Thursday (the 25th) was the premier of The Office. SPOILER: Jim proposed to Pam! Yay! I was sooooo excited. The Office makes me very happy. =)

So…not much else has been going on here. I watched the third Harry Potter movie with French subtitles today for, guess what? French class. Surprised? =) Me and Molly made puppy chow. Well, mainly Molly made it. We also watched Speed Racer this afternoon. I love that movie. So cool.



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