Wonderful, Beautiful, Washington

I left my parents at security on Tuesday afternoon, feeling very excited and a little nervous. What if I missed my plane? What if there was something wrong with my ticket? What if I had to sit next to some creeper on the plane? All of these thoughts were running through my head as I walked down the slope to gates 3&5. The waiting area was nearly empty, and I relaxed. I sat down next to a window and then took out a book. In my nervous-ness and excited-ness, I ended up going back to the gate about an hour early. When I finally boarded the plane, new worries came. What if I couldn’t find my seat? What if there was someone in my seat? What if something happened while we were flying? I would have no way to contact anyone. I found my seat and watched everyone else getting on, wondering who was going to sit next to me. No one. I was glad to have a little space. Take-off was amazing, and I enjoyed it a lot. We weren’t flying very long when we landed in Helena. And then they told us there was something wrong with the cock-pit and they had to call in a mechanic. So we waited, and waited, and waited some more. After an hour, we were all on the plane and ready to go. The rest of the flight went smoothly and then I was in Seattle. Then, I started worrying that I wouldn’t be able to find Travis in the busy airport. I found him easily and then we were on our way. Then all I could feel was excitement, and relief that I had gotten there okay.

My time here has been wonderful. It seems so natural to be in Seattle, and to be in Marcy’s house playing with my nephews, that it’s strange. It’s so natural, it makes it unnatural. Today me and Marcy took the boys down to U Village. After we were done shopping, for a minute I expected to go back to the Ronald McDonald House. And then I remembered, no, I don’t live there anymore. It’s strange to be so close to it, and not make the turn to go there. Even though I was born in Montana, and I love it, I feel like Seattle is so much my home. It feels so natural to go in to a huge city and walk around. I love it here. The time has gone so fast; I can’t believe I’m going home tomorrow! I have missed my family while I’ve been here, but like I said, this feels so much like home to me.

Please pray that the Seattle airport will be easy to navigate too, and that the flight will go smoothly tomorrow.



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