Finally here….

In a matter of hours, I will be watching the Twilight movie.

Am I excited?

You bet!!! I could hardly go to sleep last night, and woke up at around 6:30 this morning. (which is early for me) I’m going to the theatre at 10:30 to get my ticket, and then judging on the amount of people already there, I will either go home for a while or just hang out at the theatre for an hour and half until the movie starts. xD

Oh, my parents got me the most awesome Twilight hoodie ever for my b-day. They let me open it tonight because of the premier. Aren’t they fabulous?

Peace, love, and Twilight(!!!)


3 Responses to “Finally here….”

  1. Happy Birthday today!!! WoW… I have never heard of the movie and you make me want to go see it! How many times did you end up seeing it this weekend… you’ll have to let us know in your blog!! Have a fun day! Hope your movie was everything you thought it would be…

  2. Sue Kinney Says:

    so? what is the verdict? thumbs up? thumbs down? how was the movie Twilight?

  3. thanks kiddo – you old woman you. i think you are awesome too!

    and i thought the movie was great…

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