Every Day

I sit alone

early morning comes

you aren’t here

but I still don’t believe

I don’t want to see

you in the ground there

when you should be in my arms here

ragged breaths and spilled tears

beating hearts but yours is quiet

why did this happen

why did you end

all I see of you

is black and white smiles

and pictures in my mind

but I still love you

do you still see me

do you know

when will I see you

will it happen to me too

how much sand is left

running out of time

I sit alone.


One Response to “Every Day”

  1. Rose,

    That was absolutely beautiful. I have so many of the same feelings and questions.

    I miss Kelly every day. I don’t cry as much as I used to… The emotions are never far from bubbling over.

    Thanks for sharing your feelings.


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