The World is White

Outside, snow is falling once again on my little hometown. Big, fat, feathery flakes of white are swirling down to the ground, where they then stick. If it’s cold enough tonight, everything tomorrow morning will be a slick sheet of ice. The sky is beautiful right now. It’s dark, but light. There is a hint of pink, and beige colors. It’s also sort of gray with snow. It’s the type of weather that makes you think Christmas music, and hot chocolate, and warm blankets. The smell of a fireplace, a vacation from school, and thousands of lights around town. Unfortunately, the time for that has passed, and we’ve moved on to pink paper hearts and love notes. Cupid and chick flicks. Flowers and chocolates. But for right now, the world is white.


2 Responses to “The World is White”

  1. I like white better than pink any day.

    Rose you have such a flow to your posts. Even this post is poetic.

    Love you
    Linda and Bill

  2. Rose, I love this post… it was beautiful…

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