Quiche. q-u-i-c-h-e. Quiche.

This post has nothing to do with quiche other than the fact that is one of the words for this year’s spelling bee…which I get to participate in. *insert sarcastic tone* Lucky, lucky, lucky, me. *end sarcasm* That’s right. March 2nd, I will be spelling words that I don’t really care about. Whoot whoot. I mean, seriously, one of the words is wikiwiki. They put some weird words on the list. But at least that makes it more interesting, right? Maybe they put those words in so that no one falls asleep. Yes, I’m sure that’s it. =)

If nothing else, at least I’ll get to hang out with two of my friends that are in it. And, maybe I’ll get to skip some school. =)

Peace. p-e-a-c-e. Peace.


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