I decided to try this again. I don’t know how it’s going to work or what will happen. But things have calmed down a bit in my life I think.
It’s summer vacation now. In the fall, I’ll be a freshman in highschool and Molly will be a senior. Her last year here. Crazy, right?
I’m looking forward very much to the next Harry Potter movie. Seriously, sometimes I have trouble getting through a conversation without making some reference to the movie. We were driving past the jail in Shelby, and Molly said that’s where they kept bad people or something like that. I said, ‘Like Voldemort?’ So yeah, if you didn’t know, apparently Voldemort is hiding out in the Shelby jail. Insane.
I have joined Twitter. I’ll put the ‘badge’ up on my page soon so you can know what I’m doing. At all times. Scary.
Um, we (Molly, Mom, and me) made a really awesome, yummy dinner tonight. Mom made grilled tuna-and-cheese sandwiches. She also made french fries. Molly made dessert. (Thank you to my aunt for letting us steal recipes out of that magazine!) I made milkshakes. (They looked really pretty. We put it in these cool cups and put cool-whip on top and chocolate shavings. It was amazing.) It was a good meal.
It snowed here. In JUNE. Crazy weather.
Me and Molly are going to be visiting Marcy & family in July. (I think.) We’re both very very excited.
That’s all that’s been going on here!


OH. Did you see the New Moon preview? Jacob phasing? SERIOUSLY! AMAZING!!!!!!! Watch it now if you haven’t. DO IT!


One Response to “Back”

  1. Hi,

    I was glad to see you venturing back into blogging.

    Hard to believe that you are going to be a freshman and Molly a senior. Time passes so quickly.

    I am on Twitter @run4kelly

    I look forward to being one of your Tweeps 🙂


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