This is weird…
Because I haven’t felt like blogging in ages…I never got this sudden urge to start sharing my thoughts again…
Maybe I’m changing…
Maybe I feel like I’m healing, and I can open up again…
Whatever the reason…
I’m blogging…
Weird, huh?

Anyway, now that I’ve got those thoughts written down…I can give whoever may read this an update…I’m in the 9th grade..almost 10th…I’m in the process of choosing classes for next year.  Molly is getting ready to graduate…It’s incredibly stressful for her.  She’s trying to choose a college, and she really is having a hard time choosing.  I feel bad for her.  And very un-excited to choose my college.  (Although I’m hoping for UW in Seattle…but who knows if I’ll be able to afford it without taking out a large sum in student loans…paying off my education when I’m 50 is not on my to-do list…)  This year I’ve been taking web design courses.  I really love it.  We’ve been working with Flash, and it’s been pretty cool.  We recently did our final flash project…I made a movie titled “Dance Party”.  It was about two guys…One was old with gray hair and he was incredibly sad.  So the other guy decided to cheer him up with a dance party.  It was ridiculous and weird…but I liked it.  (I had no idea what to do…so I just  randomly started drawing and writing…It’s kind of scary that that’s what my mind came up with, isn’t it?)

I’m also taking a Word Processing class this year.  I have loved getting to work on the computer and improve my typing skills.  (I know, what a loser, right?  I love to type..strange, huh?)  I also really enjoy the teacher.  I have known him forever, and he is a very good teacher.  I look forward to having him for Pre-AP English next year and hopefully Accounting.

I am going to Seattle this weekend with my cousins’ youth group.  There is a Dare To Share conference out there and they invited me to go with them.  I am very excited to be back in the city that I call home.  I have missed it very much.  The band Starfield will be performing at the conference.  I have loved them for a few years and I am very very excited to see them in concert.

I’m sure that it won’t surprise anyone to hear that I still love to write as much as possible.  I would have posted a poem, but I was not planning on blogging today, so I do not have a writing notebook with me.  Maybe the next time I blog I will have my notebook with me and I will post a poem or two.

Besides poetry I am working on a few different stories.  I still struggle with ADD when it comes to writing.  I was about half-way done with one story, and I stopped writing it.  Recently I went through some of my notebooks that I found in my closet and I discovered several partly finished stories.  Maybe one day the world will get to see a finished story with my name on it.

I still miss my sister very much.  I feel her absence in my life often, and I am still grieving.  I had my mom get a form from the church for counseling services.  It has sat on my bedside table for a long time now.  It is in a little blue folder, and every time I look at it, I feel like I am crumbling.  I have not filled it out, and I don’t know if I will.  But it is good to know my options, and it is nice to know that somewhere there is someone who is willing to help me.

My time has run out and I have to go home.  It is my dad’s 56th birthday today.

I hope that I will write again…



One Response to “Hello…Again…”

  1. Rose,

    I am glad to se you might start writing again. I have missed reading your posts and your poems.

    I would really encourage you to reach out and talk to someone.

    I still think about Kelly every day and I can only imagine how hard this is for you.


    Much love,


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