Baby food, Bandslam, and Need

Last night, I hung out with one of my best friends.  One of our favorite people on Youtube did a video where he ate different flavors and kinds of baby food to see which one was the best.  We were in the baby food aisle, for no reason, and we started talking about the video.  She asked me if I had ever had the banana baby food.  I said no.  So we picked some up so I could try it.  Then we decided to do our own experiment with the baby food.  So we purchased nine different kinds of baby food and ate them.  It was horrible.  It was also a very bad idea.  However, it was very fun.  I could still taste the Butternut Squash for the rest of the night though.

We also watched a movie after we ate the horrible baby food.  We watched Bandslam.  I did not expect it to be very good, but it was!  The main guy in the movie was very awkward.  He kind of reminded me of Andy Samberg, except he was not cute and he looked super awkward.  There is this really funny scene where he is listening to his Ipod and dancing down the hallway.  It made us laugh sooo hard.  Anyway, the movie was really good.

This week I read a book called Need.  It is by Carrie Jones.  When I first started reading it, I was not really sure how good it was going to be.  It was random and I felt like there was a book before it.  (There is not a book before it.  It is the first book in the series.)  But soon, I really got into it and started to love it.  It ended up being such a great book.  I really want to read the second book, but I am broke, so I cannot buy it!  I could see if the library has it, but my guess is that they do not.  Anyway, if you are looking for a good fantasy book (it had pixies and a werewolf) then you should definitely read it.



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