I remembered to bring my notebook along with me…so I can post a poem!!  I wrote this one a while ago, and I will say that I like it.  I do not know if it is one of my best poems, but all the same, it is a moment in my life.  That is what all my poems are I guess.  They are all just moments in my life where I was feeling such a strong emotion that I had to record it.  I had to preserve that one thought, because it affected me.  So, I hope that you all like this one.

“Tell Me, Kelly”

At the end
of a dark day,
my lost sister
my mind.
So many questions
and thoughts
run through
my head.

When your heart stopped,
who did you see?
Were angels’ wings
the first heavenly
thing your healed
fingertips touched?
Or were you
simply in awe,
and fell to your knees?

When your eyes closed,
did you sing?
Have you sat
in the lap of the Lord
and listened as
he told great tales?
Do you smile,
laugh, and run everyday?
Or can you
only gaze at
the glory of the
heavenly palace?

When you left this world,
did you laugh?
Did you rejoice
as you finally
arrived home?
Do you care for
the children that
you never had?

Now that you live
in a better place,
does a faint memory
of your family remain?
Or have you forgotten
your painful past
Tell me, Kelly,
sweet sister,
do you know me?


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