During a warm
winter afternoon
I walk with
a friend.
We are alone
yet not afraid.
And while
this town offers
I find myself
wanting more.

I have seen
another place,
one that I
fell in love with.
The gentle rain
and the sweet colors
drew me in.
But I had
to leave,
and I have
grown homesick
for the place
I do not call

I miss the
rush of a city,
and the crowd.
I miss being
anonymous and the
ability to be
anyone I choose
to be.
Because here,
I have an identity,
one that I am
sure will
never change.

And so,
stupid as it seems,
on a cold
winter night
I stare out
the window alone.
A single tear
slides down my face.


One Response to ““Seattle””

  1. This actually expresses a lot. You start off:
    on a warm afternoon,
    with a friend
    with comforts a town can offer

    and yet what you seem to miss is the isolation, but not really. More, I think, is you miss the ability to express who you really are in a place where no one knows you and therefore doesn’t have preconsieved ideas or judgements.

    You end up in the poem:
    feeling stupid
    on a cold winter night
    alone and sad

    I hope you find the ability to embrace who you are and express that to the world as you have done on your blog. It seems there are 3 identies, the one who you truely are, the one you project to people and the one that people percieve. The more true you are to the one inside (the true you) the more you will project that one and the more peoples perceptions will be accurate.



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