Things I’m Addicted To

So I’m super bored…and I don’t want to go home…so I’ll just stay here with my mom at her work..and blog..and tweet…and listen to pandora…and make a list…of things i’m addicted to….

1. Glee
I love this show..I started watching it last week, because Entertainment Weekly kept talking about it..and so did everyone else.  Me and Molly are now Gleeks…

2. Twitter
I’ve been addicted to Twitter for awhile now…but I’m really addicted today.  I keep tweeting..because I’m so bored I feel the need to share lots of unimportant stuff with my followers.  Nice, right?

3. Coke (as in the pop!!)
It’s my favorite drink.  I should probably not drink so much of it, but you know, it’s soooo good.  Oh well.  I don’t really care…=)

4. Saying ‘like’
Whenever I talk, I say ‘like’ all the time.  I’m one of those really annoying people that can’t say a sentence without inserting the word ‘like’ somewhere..even when it doesn’t really make sense.  Thankfully for the (few) readers of my blog, I can resist saying it when I write. =)

5. Charlie McDonnell’s videos on Youtube
This guy is hilarious…(and good-looking, but that has nothing to do with it!!)  Charlie never fails to make me laugh!!



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