Bree Tanner

For those of you who don’t know…Stephenie Meyer came out with a new book!!!!

I know…I FREAKED OUT too…=)

Yesterday me & Molly went shopping.  Of course I bought it!!!  I also bought the Eclipse soundtrack…I wanted to buy the Twilight graphic novel as well…but Molly told me not to.  For some reason she thinks that I have enough Twilight-related things….silly girl.

That silly girl is currently on her way to her college orientation…She won’t be back until Wednesday.  As if that isn’t bad dad went with her.  That’s right.  Until Wednesday, it’s just me and my momma at the house.  But it will just be basically my mom…Why?  Because I got a new Stephenie Meyer book!!  I fully plan on ignoring the rest of the world while I read that book.

Well…mostly I’ll ignore the world.  Except for those few hours a day that I work.  That’s right.  I got a job.  Look at me…I’m all independent and stuff!!  (Not really…I work for only three hours a day..not quite independent..but I’m getting there!!)  I’m working at our local deli…mostly I take orders and clean.  Now that school is done, I’ll be needing something to do.  So at least I’ll have work!!  (which of course is LOTS of fun…hehe)

Besides work, in July I’ll start driving!!  Scary, right?  I’m excited.  Hopefully I don’t hit too many things….Maybe people should start praying now…=)



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