Boycott Walmart’s Fish

Today, me and some friends went shopping at the nearest Walmart. When we went to look at the fish, we were disgusted by what we saw! The tanks had dead fish stuck to the filters, floating in the top of the tank, and all over the bottom of the tanks. In some tanks, the dead fish were being eaten by the crabs and other fish in the tanks. Walmart (at least our Walmart) does not properly care for their fish apparently. Until this problem is taken care of, I am suggesting people do not support Walmart’s fish sales and complain to the store about their unsanitary and sad care of their fish. Leave a comment below with your experience with Walmart’s fish tanks if you want! It would be interesting to know if it’s just the Walmart near me or if it’s just generally how fish are taken care of, in Walmart or in other pet stores. I know some of the fish tanks (especially the goldfish) in Petco must not be cleaned regularly because there are dead fish everywhere. It’s disgusting and frankly, it makes me sad. I love my fish and do not want other fish to be treated like this!

This may seem silly to some people, because some fish don’t live very long anyway. But these tanks should be cleaned regularly and these fish should be taken better care of.

Thanks for reading,

Tank filled with dead fish at Walmart


Dead fish stuck in the corner of the tank at Walmart


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