About my sister….

This blog is about something that annoys me greatly. 
Tonight is my town’s Relay for Life, which is great…but tonight I was driving around and I passed the field where it’s been held.  I overheard someone saying “Tonight we honor all those cancer survivors and we remember all those who lost their battle against cancer.”  My sister, Kelly, died a few years ago from cancer.  She had battled it for years and years, and had gone into remission several times, but had, unfortunately, also relapsed several times.  Yes, she did die from cancer.  But did she lose her battle?  No.  My sister fought long and hard, but it was time for her to go home.  She did not lose, because ultimately, she earned the greatest reward–an eternity in Heaven.  Throughout her battle with cancer, she had great faith and believed that God had a purpose and a plan for her, which He did.  Kelly inspired so many people, including me.  To this day, when I am having a rough time, I remember how hard she fought and how she kept her faith.  Her story gives me hope and strength.  Although Kelly has passed away, her story continues to inspire people.  I don’t know about any one else, but I wouldn’t call that losing.  My sister lost nothing.  So, please, the next time you say someone “lost their battle against cancer”, think about it.  Did they really lose?  I would say no.


4 Responses to “About my sister….”

  1. Samantha Rose,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Kelly didn’t lose her battle to cancer and everytime I hear someone say that someone lost their battle to cancer, I want to scream.

    Kelly lived her life full out, her cancer did not define who she was. She continues to be an inspiration in my life every day for who she was to me. She will always be my hero and her life and what she stood for and fought for is far more powerful than cancer could ever be.

    Thanks for sharing this. I love you and your family so very much.

    Light and Love x 19 x forever!

  2. Dawn Texidor Says:

    It never fails to amaze, no awe, me when I read something you have written. When I see you in person you seem like this shy, quiet girl (although I’m sure your family would disagree!!) and then I read what you write and I am blown away by the profoundness of your words.

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