Something New…

Last night, I decided to try writing a poem for the first time in a while…it turned into something that I wasn’t expecting..and I’m not sure that it’s that great, because, well, it was late and I was exhausted…but there is something about it that I like. It is kind of long, though..but anyway, enjoy it. Or not. Either way, thanks for stopping by.

Night is calling.
A soft summer breeze
whispers my name;
stars wink at me
through wispy clouds.
I pull back the
curtains and take
a peek.
But no, I must
remain here tonight.

Again, the next night,
my name is called.
Trees rustle and
beckon me to climb
to their tops.
I open the window
and breathe in
the crisp air.
But no, I must
remain here tonight.

The next night,
an owl calls to me.
“Fly away! We will go
to faraway lands!
Magnificent lands!”
My window is
already open and
the curtain is
pulled back.
I take a deep
breath and
swing one leg
out the window.

But then I hear
another voice.
It soothes my
racing heart
and dries tears I
didn’t know I cried.

“My child, do
not stray. Your home
is here. You are
safe here with me.”

“Dear Father, how
can I be safe?
I am trapped!
Only the wind,
stars, trees, and owls
know how I feel tonight.”

“They may know tonight,
but I will know
for an eternity.
You place is with me,
for I have built
you a future on
earth and a
home in my kingdom.
What have the
wind, stars, trees, and
owls done?
They have called
you out onto
the ledge and
risked your life
with false hope.”

“They have promised
to show me worlds
I cannot imagine!
I am safe with
them, Father.”

“Look down, daughter,
and tell me if
you truly feel safe.”

I did as the
voice said and
looked out the
My feet dangled
high above the ground.

I fell back into
my room and cried out,
“You thieves! You liars!”
My eyes poured tears
and I fell to my

“Dear Father, I have been
blind! I have been
foolish! I did not
hear the truth, but
listened to those who
would gladly take my

“Father, protect me!
I am yours! Help
me see the truth
and know what
is right. Lead me
from the rubble and ruin
of my past, and
forgive what I have
done! Father, please!”

And the wind howled,
stars set the sky in flames,
trees thrashed,
and owls cried out in anger.
I hid my face in
fear and cried out.

My father appeared
before me and
touched my shoulder.
“Child, get up. Do
not be afraid.”
I trembled as I
got to my knees.
My father grasped
my hand and
helped me to my feet.

And while he held me,
he quieted the winds
and the owls;
he stilled the trees
and put out the stars’ flames.

“Lord, I am afraid.”

“I know, daughter.
But know that they
cannot harm you
while your faith
remains in me.
They will try,
and they will whisper
evil things to you.
Temptation will always
be near to you.
Just as temptation will
always follow you,
I will always walk with you,
and help you on
your journey.
Do not be afraid
while I am near.”

And I fell once
again to my knees.
“I love you, O Lord, my strength.”


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