So I’m sure some of you have heard about Pottermore. If you haven’t, Pottermore is a new site from J.K. Rowling that officially opens in October. It’s an interactive site that offers exclusive content on the world of Harry Potter and the books. It’s a pretty big deal for any Harry Potter fan (which is me). They had early registration last week, and I got in! So I’ll be one of the million people that gets into the site early. (My username is ChestnutPatronus162)
But, one of my favorite author/blogger/youtube person, Kaleb Nation, decided to parody this site and call it Twimore. He made a video similar to J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore announcement and even created a website. He offered early registration as well (My username on Twimore is RainbowVampWolfXoXo which I personally find awesome & hilarious). He also put an exclusive sneak peek of Stephenie Meyer’s new book…called Erupting Star. You can click here to go read it. My favorite part is the table of contents. Enjoy!!


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