About Me

We’ll start with the basics…my name is Samantha Rose (most people call me Rose). I have been writing for as long as I can remember. The first time I ever entered a writing competition was in 2nd grade with a story about the Easter Bunny (we didn’t really read the rules, so I didn’t do well…my story was illustrated, which it was not supposed to be…) I am in high school right now, but am eager to be done and to experience the world! My dream is to move to Washington state after I graduate. I would also love to go spend some time in Europe at some point in my life.
I love fashion! My favorite brands are Burberry and Chanel, although I am not rich enough to spend that much money on clothing! If I could have every piece of jewelry that Tiffany’s makes I would be one very happy chick. My other love (besides God and my family…) is music. I will listen to anything, except screamo. I can’t do that for too long.
On this blog, I will be posting pictures I take, poems I write, and posts about my life and my family/friends! I will try to post regularly and I hope you will read it regularly! I love getting comments on my writing, so please leave me a comment with your thoughts!


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