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Cookie Bowls

Posted in Food, Photos, Random with tags , , , , , on October 8, 2011 by Samantha Rose

So I saw these on Tumblr and thought it was a genius idea! So last night, me and my mom made some cookie dough and started trying to make these. They seem pretty easy at first. All you do is turn over a muffin tin, grease it, and then put cookie dough over the tin and bake it. Sounds simple, right? Yeah it’s not so easy. We learned pretty quickly that you need to put a cookie sheet underneath the muffin tin just in case the cookies grow too much and spill over the tin. (Luckily we caught ours before they started to spill). And the cookies grew a lot. Now we made chocolate chip cookie bowls, but we want to try using a different kind of cookie that maybe doesn’t grow as much. Anyway, we struggled quite a bit with several batches, but we finally figured it out! Here’s how we did our cookie bowls: (we used a log of cookie dough because it was firmer than our home-made recipe.)

Cut the log of cookie dough into pieces that measure about 5/8 of an inch.
Flatten each of the cookie dough pieces.
Grease the upside-down muffin tin and then put cupcake papers on every other spot so none of the cookies will be right next to each other (this is to stop them from really growing into each other. They still might a little bit, but it’s not as bad.)
Put the cookie dough pieces on top of the wrappers and form the dough around the wrapper (you want the dough to go down the wrapper a little bit. That way it will form a taller bowl.)
Put a cookie sheet under the pan just in case the cookies do grow too much.
Put in the oven (we used Albertsons’ cookie dough and we had to bake it for the maximum time–13  minutes).
After bowls are done baking, take out of the oven, but let them bake a little longer on the tin (we let ours sit for about 3 minutes. This hardens them up a little more.)
After the bowls have sat for a few minutes on the tin, flip the bowls onto a plate. Let them cool in the wrappers for about 5 minutes (This helps them hold the shape of the bowl.)
Gently peel the wrappers off and fill with ice cream, pudding, mousse, or whatever else sounds good to you!

Our finished cookie bowls

My cookie bowl filled with pudding and topped with whip cream

I hope this made sense! From what I’ve seen on Tumblr, a lot of people have been struggling with getting the bowls to hold their shape. So I hope this helped with that!

Things I’m Addicted To

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So I’m super bored…and I don’t want to go home…so I’ll just stay here with my mom at her work..and blog..and tweet…and listen to pandora…and make a list…of things i’m addicted to….

1. Glee
I love this show..I started watching it last week, because Entertainment Weekly kept talking about it..and so did everyone else.  Me and Molly are now Gleeks…

2. Twitter
I’ve been addicted to Twitter for awhile now…but I’m really addicted today.  I keep tweeting..because I’m so bored I feel the need to share lots of unimportant stuff with my followers.  Nice, right?

3. Coke (as in the pop!!)
It’s my favorite drink.  I should probably not drink so much of it, but you know, it’s soooo good.  Oh well.  I don’t really care…=)

4. Saying ‘like’
Whenever I talk, I say ‘like’ all the time.  I’m one of those really annoying people that can’t say a sentence without inserting the word ‘like’ somewhere..even when it doesn’t really make sense.  Thankfully for the (few) readers of my blog, I can resist saying it when I write. =)

5. Charlie McDonnell’s videos on Youtube
This guy is hilarious…(and good-looking, but that has nothing to do with it!!)  Charlie never fails to make me laugh!!


Pandora & Twitter

Posted in Random with tags on May 7, 2010 by Samantha Rose

I have a serious addiction….

Well, okay…maybe it’s not serious…

Whenever I go on the Internet, I cannot open just one tab!! I must have multiple tabs open…mostly because I like to leave pandora on…and I like to leave Twitter open…

Is this a bad thing????

Hello Seattle

Posted in Random, Update with tags , , on March 11, 2010 by Samantha Rose

I am not actually in Seattle yet, and I have yet to leave for Seattle.  But I am very excited.  I woke up a little after six this morning and could not get back to sleep because I was so excited (and because I was soooo cold…but mostly from excitement.)  Of course, just as I was drifting off to sleep, my alarm went off and I had to wake up. 

I was supposed to pack last night, but I had a lot of homework to do.  I never packed.  So today after school I will be hurrying home so I can pack, go to the bank, and possibly the store.  This trip sneaked up on me, and I am not prepared at all. 

To add to my state of freaking out, I am pretty sure that I have a test next week in Earth Science that I am not ready for.  I have not studied my vocab and I have not really read any of the chapter.  Great.  At least I currently have a 102 in that class.  (The teacher likes to give extra credit on tests…) 

I am starting to become nervous.  Please pray that I have a safe trip there and back and that I fit in with the kids there.  I really do not want this weekend to just be two days of awkwardness.  That would be bad. 


Animal Farm

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Yep.  In my English class, we are reading Animal Farm.  So far, I think it is a bit weird.  But, then again, I have only read the first chapter.  I already know a little bit of what happens though, because I asked Molly.  The story seems strange now, but I am trying to still have an open mind and give the book a chance.  This is hard, but I am doing my best. 

My Seattle trip is getting closer.  This morning, I had a bit of a panic attack because I said something about sitting with one of my cousins on the bus, and my mom said, ‘Oh, they are not coming.’  I freaked out.  They are probably going to be the only people I know on the trip, and now she tells me they are not going?!?!  Dad saved the day though when he told me that they would be there.  So now, I will know like, three people on this trip!  Yay!  =)

I woke up this morning to snow on the ground.  SNOW.  We had a week of nice weather.  And now winter has returned.  It makes me very sad.  I am ready for the snow to be gone and for the sun to show itself. 

New Moon comes out on DVD in a couple weeks.  I have yet to pre-order it!  I keep forgetting.  Last year, I pre-ordered Twilight like a month before it came out on DVD.  I am way behind.  This is not good.  *worried face*

Yesterday I walked down to the library to take some books back.  I was not planning on checking out any books because I just bought a couple new books a few weeks ago and I am still working on them.  I checked out books.  I just could not help myself.  They had a book on hold for me and so I took it.  And then I went back just to look at the books and I started grabbing some.  And now, I have a lot of books to read.  And I will not really have time this weekend to read.  I checked out Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, The Carbon Diaries 2015, Fire, and a vegetarian cook book.  (I have wanted to try being a vegetarian for a long time now, but I never know what to cook.  However, most of the food in that book did not sound appealing.  I think I can suffer through eating meat for a while.)  I have read Sense and Sensibility before, but I loved it, so I had to check it out again.  I have not read any of the others before.  As I do read them, I will tell what I think about them here. 

I am noticing that these posts are longer than what I remember writing before.  Maybe I missed blogging more than I thought.  Obviously, I have a lot to write about.  It feels good to be back though.  =)



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I decided to try this again. I don’t know how it’s going to work or what will happen. But things have calmed down a bit in my life I think.
It’s summer vacation now. In the fall, I’ll be a freshman in highschool and Molly will be a senior. Her last year here. Crazy, right?
I’m looking forward very much to the next Harry Potter movie. Seriously, sometimes I have trouble getting through a conversation without making some reference to the movie. We were driving past the jail in Shelby, and Molly said that’s where they kept bad people or something like that. I said, ‘Like Voldemort?’ So yeah, if you didn’t know, apparently Voldemort is hiding out in the Shelby jail. Insane.
I have joined Twitter. I’ll put the ‘badge’ up on my page soon so you can know what I’m doing. At all times. Scary.
Um, we (Molly, Mom, and me) made a really awesome, yummy dinner tonight. Mom made grilled tuna-and-cheese sandwiches. She also made french fries. Molly made dessert. (Thank you to my aunt for letting us steal recipes out of that magazine!) I made milkshakes. (They looked really pretty. We put it in these cool cups and put cool-whip on top and chocolate shavings. It was amazing.) It was a good meal.
It snowed here. In JUNE. Crazy weather.
Me and Molly are going to be visiting Marcy & family in July. (I think.) We’re both very very excited.
That’s all that’s been going on here!


OH. Did you see the New Moon preview? Jacob phasing? SERIOUSLY! AMAZING!!!!!!! Watch it now if you haven’t. DO IT!


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So..I don’t really know what to write here. Which is kind of unusual for me, because usually I just write whatever I’m feeling at the moment. But lately I’ve been regretting what I’ve been writing. But I feel like I can’t delete posts. I don’t know. I guess I just feel like, ‘you know, that’s what i was really feeling at that time, and it’s my blog, so why should i edit a whole bunch of my feelings on my blog?’ If that makes any sense. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I just feel a little..awkward knowing that after I’m done with my ranting and stuff that then I send it out in to the web-world, where anyone can read it, and it’s freaky a little bit, you know? But I don’t want to pretend that everything is just hunky-dory, because I’ve been having a lot of off days, and I feel that it’s important for people to read about the good and the bad. But I will try to write more on my good days, ‘kay?

So, today has been a pretty good day. I saw Inkheart yesterday with my mom. I love those books, and the movie was good. It made me angry that they changed the end though. That wasn’t even the end of Inkheart, it was the beginning of the second book. And it was done differently in the second book, so it made me angry a little bit. But it was a good cast, and the changes they did make were okay ones. You should all go see it. And also read the book by Cornelia Funke. And as long as you’re reading good books you should read The Thief Lord (I think that’s also by Cornelia Funke) and you should read The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak.

Twilight comes out on DVD March 21st!!!!I’m super excited. I want to go buy it on that day, but Molly insists on going to her prom, silly girl. =)

I’m listening to my ‘Warwick Avenue’ station on Pandora. It’s a good one, except they just played a song by Amy Winehouse. Ick.

School is going alright. Science fair is Monday. I’m kind of freaking out about doing a presentation. I’m not sure me and my partner are ready. *panic face* Other school news….it’s almost the middle of third quarter, which makes me excited. I’m halfway done with shop class. Whoot.

It’s still very cold here. It snowed last night. *sad face*

I like the way Norah Jones’s voice sounds. Her music is played on a lot of my Pandora stations, which is fine by me. =)

Molly’s bird is spazzing out right now as she’s eating. She’s a bit of an odd ball. (Molly’s bird…not Molly. Although Molly is rather odd too…)

I read Midnight Sun on Stephenie Meyer’s website. -sigh- Edward…..

Marcy read the Twilight series. (Can I have New Moon back, Marcy?)  She’s my favorite person now. =)

I think that’s enough randomness for the moment, don’t you think?