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So I was originally going to write this post as a review of a movie, but I don’t have the energy to do an in-depth review of a movie right now. So I’ll just say this about the movie: I went to see Contagion with one of my best friends. It was a really intense thriller, but not quite what I expected it to be. The beginning was kind of disturbing, but then it got much better. Overall, it was really good and I would recommend it. Also, the music was very fitting and made everything so much better.

School is school. The year is not going fast enough though! I’m trying to enjoy everything while it lasts, but it’s hard to not compare everything to what I could be doing in Seattle. It’s been a struggle for me this year. I’m so desperate to go out to Seattle that I find myself having difficulty being content here. Needless to say, I cannot wait to go visit Marcy and Travis in a few weeks! I love going out this time of year. Seattle’s fall is so different from Montana’s fall. Seattle is just so different. The two really can’t be compared in my mind.

Well, I really don’t have much else to update on…so I guess that’s where this blog will end!!! Have a great weekend!!



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As pretty much everybody I meet knows, I love Seattle with all my heart. It’s my home. When I lived there, I fell in love with the city despite all the crap me and my family were going through there. My heart aches when I see pictures of the skyline or my favorite spots in the city (the Starbucks we would stop at on the way to school, University Village, the pier where my dad would take me fishing…) Small town life can not satisfy me since I have had a taste of the city. I miss everything about it–the slight fish smell in the air, the cloudy skies, the green life that stayed in the plants even through the winter. Heck, I don’t even care that a city is dangerous. I’m fine with locking my doors if it means I get to live in that beautiful place.

The reason for this post is that it’s raining here today. I love the rain because that is when I am reminded of Seattle the most, even though our Montana rain is different. The smell is not the same, and the rain is much colder here than in Seattle. But still, it is a small taste of home, and I will cherish every drop.