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The title of this post is also the title of my blog on Tumblr…which you can go to by clicking here. Tumblr is a pretty fun site, especially when you’re bored, like I am most of the time during my Spanish class. That’s what I’m in now. It’s pretty easy so I’m usually ahead and don’t really have much to do.

So three interesting things going on today, two of which have already happened.
The first is that it’s picture day, which I guess isn’t super interesting, but it’s something different and it breaks up the monotony of my days. I’m not really a fan of picture day, because I don’t really like pictures of myself that often. I feel like my smile is kind of awkward, but whatever. As long as my parents like the pictures, I guess that’s what matters since they paid for them!
The second interesting thing is that we had a lockdown today. And not a fake one either! Some kid in my class brought a gun to school. Well, it was in the back of his truck, but still, it’s on school grounds. Ok so that wasn’t that exciting…more just a stupid mistake. And apparently he can get expelled for that (which I hate saying this, but I would be okay if he was expelled for a year. If you knew the kid you would understand. He’s a creeper.) but I don’t know if he will or not. But luckily it happened during first period, so I got to stay in Treble Choir for a while longer which is always nice!
The third (and final) interesting thing that is happening today is that my school is having an assembly…that will last almost all afternoon!! It is 2 hours long and apparently it’s a pow-wow…I guess we had one last year but I must have missed it because I don’t remember it! Anyway, I wish it had been this morning and had gone from 2nd period to 4th period, because then I would have missed Accounting, English, and Spanish. But then I wouldn’t have been able to write this so I guess that wouldn’t have been good. Oh gosh I’m rambling now!! Hehe sorry ’bout that!!

Other exciting events this week….
College fair tomorrow, which I’m really only going to so I can get out of class (bad kid, right? The rest of my cooking group is going to be gone that period so I don’t really want to have to cook by myself…might as well go check out some schools I won’t be applying to!). But again, it’s something to break up the monotony of this school.
Lunch tomorrow at the church! Every week three women (Mandy, Kristen, and Kim) do a lunch for the middle school and high school kids. They’re really nice, and the food is always delicious! Me and a couple of friends go just about every week.

Well I think that’s enough for this post! =)
DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome)


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This post is gonna be short because I’ve got a lot to do tonight! It’s homecoming week so we have the big game tonight and then a dance after.

Homecoming was pretty fun this year. We have a new principal in our school and he’s actually pretty awesome. He played macho volleyball today, trash talked the seniors while playing volleyball, was ready to take a pie in the face yesterday (luckily for him one of the gym teachers got it instead) and seems to want to make things fun for the teachers and students.

In other exciting news, my ukulele came in the mail this week!! Since it was homecoming I haven’t had much time to play it, but I am already starting to learn Somewhere Over the Rainbow (amazing how quickly Youtube can teach you how to play a ukulele)!!!

Star Wars came out on BluRay today. I want a BluRay player just so I can watch Star Wars on it. Although I’m not sure how I feel about them changing the movies a bit. Why fix what wasn’t broken, right?

My classes are going fairly well…Spanish is fun, my TA period is awesome, and I usually have little, if any, homework, which is really nice!

Anyway, I’ve got to go get ready for tonight…I’ll post something more later this weekend if I have the chance…


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Well, today is my last day of summer. I start my junior year tomorrow..scary!! I’m actually looking forward to starting the year…because once I’m done with this year, then I’ll be a senior! And then I will graduate! So I’m really only looking forward to starting the year because it means I’m one step closer to graduation day. But oh well. At least something about school excites me, right?

There actually is something else about school that excites me! (Are you shocked? Because you probably should be.) I’m going to be taking Spanish this year! It’s an online course but I’m still really excited about it. I’ve wanted to learn Spanish for a while now and this year it actually worked with my schedule. I’m hoping this school year will be more fun and less stressful than last year.

Something else I’m looking forward to is getting paid this week from my weekend job. Why am I so excited to get paid? Well besides the fact that getting money is always nice, I’m planning to do something really fun with this paycheck. I’m going to order a ukulele offline!! I think the ukulele looks like a lot of fun to play, so I decided I would get one and teach myself how to play. There are a lot of good tutorials on Youtube that I plan on using and there is a really awesome site called the Ukulele Underground which I also plan on using once I get my ukulele. So maybe if I ever get good enough I’ll post a little video of a ukulele song…we’ll see about that!!

So that’s what’s going on with me this week…


Bree Tanner

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For those of you who don’t know…Stephenie Meyer came out with a new book!!!!

I know…I FREAKED OUT too…=)

Yesterday me & Molly went shopping.  Of course I bought it!!!  I also bought the Eclipse soundtrack…I wanted to buy the Twilight graphic novel as well…but Molly told me not to.  For some reason she thinks that I have enough Twilight-related things….silly girl.

That silly girl is currently on her way to her college orientation…She won’t be back until Wednesday.  As if that isn’t bad dad went with her.  That’s right.  Until Wednesday, it’s just me and my momma at the house.  But it will just be basically my mom…Why?  Because I got a new Stephenie Meyer book!!  I fully plan on ignoring the rest of the world while I read that book.

Well…mostly I’ll ignore the world.  Except for those few hours a day that I work.  That’s right.  I got a job.  Look at me…I’m all independent and stuff!!  (Not really…I work for only three hours a day..not quite independent..but I’m getting there!!)  I’m working at our local deli…mostly I take orders and clean.  Now that school is done, I’ll be needing something to do.  So at least I’ll have work!!  (which of course is LOTS of fun…hehe)

Besides work, in July I’ll start driving!!  Scary, right?  I’m excited.  Hopefully I don’t hit too many things….Maybe people should start praying now…=)


Hello Seattle

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I am not actually in Seattle yet, and I have yet to leave for Seattle.  But I am very excited.  I woke up a little after six this morning and could not get back to sleep because I was so excited (and because I was soooo cold…but mostly from excitement.)  Of course, just as I was drifting off to sleep, my alarm went off and I had to wake up. 

I was supposed to pack last night, but I had a lot of homework to do.  I never packed.  So today after school I will be hurrying home so I can pack, go to the bank, and possibly the store.  This trip sneaked up on me, and I am not prepared at all. 

To add to my state of freaking out, I am pretty sure that I have a test next week in Earth Science that I am not ready for.  I have not studied my vocab and I have not really read any of the chapter.  Great.  At least I currently have a 102 in that class.  (The teacher likes to give extra credit on tests…) 

I am starting to become nervous.  Please pray that I have a safe trip there and back and that I fit in with the kids there.  I really do not want this weekend to just be two days of awkwardness.  That would be bad. 


Animal Farm

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Yep.  In my English class, we are reading Animal Farm.  So far, I think it is a bit weird.  But, then again, I have only read the first chapter.  I already know a little bit of what happens though, because I asked Molly.  The story seems strange now, but I am trying to still have an open mind and give the book a chance.  This is hard, but I am doing my best. 

My Seattle trip is getting closer.  This morning, I had a bit of a panic attack because I said something about sitting with one of my cousins on the bus, and my mom said, ‘Oh, they are not coming.’  I freaked out.  They are probably going to be the only people I know on the trip, and now she tells me they are not going?!?!  Dad saved the day though when he told me that they would be there.  So now, I will know like, three people on this trip!  Yay!  =)

I woke up this morning to snow on the ground.  SNOW.  We had a week of nice weather.  And now winter has returned.  It makes me very sad.  I am ready for the snow to be gone and for the sun to show itself. 

New Moon comes out on DVD in a couple weeks.  I have yet to pre-order it!  I keep forgetting.  Last year, I pre-ordered Twilight like a month before it came out on DVD.  I am way behind.  This is not good.  *worried face*

Yesterday I walked down to the library to take some books back.  I was not planning on checking out any books because I just bought a couple new books a few weeks ago and I am still working on them.  I checked out books.  I just could not help myself.  They had a book on hold for me and so I took it.  And then I went back just to look at the books and I started grabbing some.  And now, I have a lot of books to read.  And I will not really have time this weekend to read.  I checked out Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, The Carbon Diaries 2015, Fire, and a vegetarian cook book.  (I have wanted to try being a vegetarian for a long time now, but I never know what to cook.  However, most of the food in that book did not sound appealing.  I think I can suffer through eating meat for a while.)  I have read Sense and Sensibility before, but I loved it, so I had to check it out again.  I have not read any of the others before.  As I do read them, I will tell what I think about them here. 

I am noticing that these posts are longer than what I remember writing before.  Maybe I missed blogging more than I thought.  Obviously, I have a lot to write about.  It feels good to be back though.  =)



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I’m in class right now…Web design to be more specific…But I already finished my work…and I’m really bored…so here I am…blogging…AGAIN.

I forgot how much I love to do this…

My dad is starting his new job today.  He should be at work soon.  He has a 45 minute commute now.  This morning he seemed really excited to be starting at this new place.  I just hope that he loves it a lot.  I am such a daddy’s girl, and I hate it when he is unhappy.  I mean, my dad is the rock of the family, so when he is upset or things just are not going good for him, it affects all of us.  I hate to see him dreading work. 

After all, shouldn’t you love your job?  Shouldn’t you want to go to work?  Yeah.  I’m sure that a lot of people just adore their job.  *sigh*  The hopeful thinking of someone who has yet to experience a real job.  But, I am in school…and sometimes it feels like a job.  Except I don’t get paid for it.  Maybe it’s more like a jail. 

I am getting super excited now to go to Seattle this week.  I leave on Thursday night.  Then I’ll be in a bus for 12+ hours.  Should be fun, right?  Yeah.  But the drive is not that big of a deal.  I’ve gotten to Seattle by car plenty of times before.  However, I will be going to Seattle this time with mainly people I don’t know.  So, please, please, please, pray for me.  I really want to have the best time possible there, and I don’t want it to just be awkward because I am from a different town.

I could say a lot more here…but the bell is probably going to ring in about ten minutes.  So I should probably go.  I’m not sure if I’m even supposed to be on this blog during school hours.  Oh well.  It’s already done, right?  Nothing I can do now.  Except for stop writing.